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Taylor, Edith–Aprons

Edith Taylor has been bringing her aprons  to the Curb Market for over 40 years.  Although she is now in a nursing home, she still sews aprons and sends them with her son, David, to sell.

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Jackson, Christine–Hand Sewn Items

Christine Jackson has been selling at the Curb Market for 30 years on the same table  where her mother, Pammie Williams, sold before her.  She lives on Sugarloaf and works as a private caregiver at Carolina Village when she isn’t at the market. Among the hand crafted items you will find at her table you will …

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The Caramel Cake Lady – Marilyn Horne/Tracy Queen

  Home baked cakes are a staple of the Curb Market.  Marilyn Horne, joined by her daughter Tracy, bakes delicious cakes that bring repeat customers week after week.  Marilyn & Tracy are second and third generation Curb Market vendors and have been selling here for over 30 years.  Marilyn is widely known for her caramel …

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